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The Commons is going to be the cultural and recreational center for the City of Collegedale and the eastern end of Hamilton County. Not only will The Commons be home to our new Community Center, but also the Collegedale Farmers Market. The center will showcase the natural beauty of Collegedale with its open green spaces and its event centers. The 56,000 square foot open-air Farmers Market will have room for hundreds of local farmers and artisans to showcase their products. When complete, The Commons will be a testament to the beauty of Collegedale and the foundation with which the city was built: the community.

The Commons will be the five year culmination of the joint efforts of Collegedale city leaders and its community.


With the growing city development, people need to always remember the foundation of our city. Collegedale has some of the most beautiful views and most memorable homes in Tennessee. With the city development and other changes we are bringing to Collegedale, we do not want our community to forget where we began. Our goal is establish these historical centers so that as our children grow older, they will not forget the importance of our history. The Spring House is the first of many projects meant to ensure that the history and character of our town remains as our city grows. These pieces of history are what defines Collegedale, and they are a legacy that deserves to be preserved.

City Development

The Collegedale Tomorrow Foundation, comprised of the city’s leaders, works closely with the Collegedale community to ensure that the new city development are in the best interest of the city and its citizens. We want to connect Collegedale to greater opportunities while helping it maintain its identity.

Recent Blog Posts

Heart of a Healthier Tennessee - Notes on The Commons to THE HILL

Posted 6/1/2016 by Thomas LaRocco.

David Barto - May 26 

One could say that the Collegedale region was a healthier Tennessee community before it was cool. The Commons is meant to amplify the work that has already been done. By building a regional farm to table market in the center of a thriving suburban community we will be showcasing the many health benefits of our area. A family will be able to park at The Commons and be able to spend the day mountain biking, trail running, walking on the Green Way, and then co...

The Commons to THE HILL schedule

Posted 5/26/2016 by Thomas LaRocco.

David Barto: May 23, 2016

Kick-Off Celebration, June 19th from 6:00 to 9:00pm, all walkers and donors are invited to 5220 Asher Lane for celebratory meal!   

The Walk:   June 21st Leave 5220 Asher Lane, Ooltewah TN 37363 – “Campobello” at 7:...

Aggressive Expansion in Collegedale, TN

Posted 5/17/2016 by Thomas LaRocco.

 To quote the Joker, "We are expanding aggressively"!:

Jimmy Rhodes and his wife Katelyn Rhodes are bringing in over 40,000 square feet of new climate controlled storage to Ooltewah/Ringgold Road. The Rhodes operate quality establishments and take true pride in their facilities. I have seen Jimmy out watering his trees on a summer morning with 5 gallon buckets or picking up cigarette butts. Jimmy has adhered to the Design and Landscape Standards with pride in his City - these ar...

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May 1, 2015 Our Mission Statement June 27, 2015 July 2 Fireworks & Collegedale Market March 10, 2016 Groundbreaking for The Commons


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