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 To quote the Joker, "We are expanding aggressively"!:

Jimmy Rhodes and his wife Katelyn Rhodes are bringing in over 40,000 square feet of new climate controlled storage to Ooltewah/Ringgold Road. The Rhodes operate quality establishments and take true pride in their facilities. I have seen Jimmy out watering his trees on a summer morning with 5 gallon buckets or picking up cigarette butts. Jimmy has adhered to the Design and Landscape Standards with pride in his City - these are great community minded people, and I am proud to see them succeed.

The Childcare facility across the street is another example of folks who take pride in their operations. The Best Beginnings facility, operated by the Taslimi family will be a real complement to our City.

Don Howe has seen that Collegedale needs retail, office and restaurant square footage and is filling the niche on Little Debbie Parkway and Lee Highway. Once again, this gentleman takes pride and builds quality facilities.

Taking pride in your town, taking pride in your facilities, taking pride in your region and your customer base. Quality begets quality, and we are seeing that in Collegedale every day. I think it's important to point out those folks that build to the Standards and surpass expectations, who do it because they love their community.

Some do the bare minimum to get by and it shows, well not these folks and I believe we should say "thank you"!